Owner of uppercaseP, Peter Rossetti states: 

My life has been transformed by my body experiencing type 1 diabetes for almost 20 years. I am a strong believer in building one's understanding to best find a healthy lifestyle that works for you. I work with people, communities, and organizations seeking to provide alternatives to healthy living for type 1 individuals.

Transformational Design

To me this is using creative faculties and design skills in a nonlinear way to form new ideas and promote change. Transformation can happen in our mind, our bodies, and with anything in our physical world. Design is the plan or vehicle intended to inspire, solve problems, and most of all help people. As a transformational designer I look to design for human centered change in cultures, systems, or behaviors.

Speaker & Self Care Advocate

I consciously choose to transform my mental, physical, and professional attitude away from circumstances that seem ignorant, weak, and overly stressful. Developing understanding of how one can act and live differently allows us to take a leading role in our lives, and not the role of an extra in a crowd. Once individuals start to develop their awareness about how they can design their lives it results in a truly inspiring process. To inspire change I currently speak with students about creativity, self-image, personal growth, and human potential, while continually seeking to help and inspire others.

Below are ongoing efforts for me to connect with this community to inspire and facilitate a shift in conversation.

  • theType1ist: my diabetes strategist and mindful communicator; this youtube channel focused on blurring lines between diabetes and people
  • D Batteries: local events for type 1 individuals to connect and form lasting friendships
  • The Healthy 1 Organization: Focused on transforming the lies of individuals with type I diabetes through education and training on lifestyle-medicine care
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Mentorship for newly diagnosed or life living individuals